Nordic skating season opened – finally!


I’ve been quite busy this winter: a lot of study and work-related projects have kept me by my desk. I’ve only envied the pics and videos of other skaters as the season started already at October in these parts of Finland.

But today, finally, I personally opened the skating season as we made a 30 km tour on the northern end of Lake Vesijärvi at Kangasala. And it really paid off to leave the office for a while. It was one of the best winter days so far and the ice conditions were great, too.

Today, I also tested some new equipment as I bought new skates and skating boots last April. Specialists at Bear & Water shop sold me new MenM Zwart skates and Crispi Backcountry boots with applicable bindings, which proved themselves worth all the money spent. Great!

As safety of the Nordic skating becomes always an issue in the public debate, perhaps it’s wise to write the basic rules once again here: never skate alone, always have safety equipment with you, don’t assume but test the ice all the time and don’t leave common sense on the shore.

Here’s also a video from today’s tour. It’s a bit lenghty – I know – but I wanted to spare clips for fellow skaters.