Kick-starting 2021 on Kiimajoki Canoe Route


I have now been paddling three separate times with my tourskating friends: in November, December and January. The circumstances in the winter (ice, snow and fairy-tale like blue-grey colors) create quite a different experience being on a lake or paddling through small ‘rivers’ (I think a ‘creek’ would be more apt word to describe the ones we’ve paddled through).

The Kiimajoki route is really close (30 min drive) to my hometown so it was a nice half day trip. And the water level was now high enough, so it was easy to paddle through the whole route.

It was a great way to kick-start the year 2021. The winter seems to be tightening its grip, so I guess next trips will be done by skating…

Here’s a quickly created clip of today’s paddling.